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A key part in the development and revision process is the participation of qualified Subject Matter Experts (SME). Led by a trained NOCTI facilitator, SME teams evaluate existing standards and assessment content to ensure revised and new assessments measure competency at the industry-standard level.

SME candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of current occupational experience in the field. Each test revision or development team is made up of both secondary and post-secondary educators and representatives from business and industry. Familiarity with NOCTI assessments is not a requirement.

SME Responsibilities

  • Review existing national, industry, and state standards to determine critical content
  • Revise and/or write standards and competencies
  • Review competencies affiliated with each standard and assign weight by importance
  • Review/revise multiple-choice items from the NOCTI item bank
  • Create new multiple-choice items as needed
  • Develop performance jobs according to standards/competencies
  • Develop performance evaluation criteria
  • Provide updated graphics as needed, with the cooperation of the team

Development and revision projects are typically conducted in an online web-based format and are scheduled in the evening hours to minimize conflicts with team members' daytime work schedules.

An independent review is a critical step in the development and revision process for NOCTI assessments. This review takes place after the development/revision team has completed their work and before the assessment is released for pilot testing.

An SME not affiliated with the development and revision project is contracted to provide another level of review to help ensure the test content is current, valid, industry relevant, and is appropriate for secondary and post-secondary administration.

SMEs interested in serving as an Independent Reviewer should contact Julie Vanhala, Product Development Coordinator, at julie.vanhala@nocti.org

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