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500 N Bronson Ave
Big Rapids, MI 49307-9036
Administration & Finance Assessment Management
John Foster, President/CEO Patricia Kelley, Division Manager
Amie Bloomfield, Executive Vice President Hannah Archos, Product Development Coordinator
Chris Carter, Finance Manager Ronda Gilmore, Product Quality Coordinator
Ruth Foote, Administrative Assistant Tina Koepf, Product Development Coordinator
Sherry Hayes, Executive/Board Coordinator Ann McCormick, Product Development Coordinator
Jackie Lenger, Graphic Designer Julie Vanhala, Product Development Coordinator
Kimberly Newman, Accounting Specialist
Cindy Saffell, Accounting Coordinator Nocti Business Solutions
Anne Gielczyk, Nocti Business Solutions Manager
Customer Care and Outreach Kay Cole, Business & Industry Coordinator
Heidi Speese, Division Manager Stacey Jackson, Project Coordinator
Lisa Brauher, Project Coordinator
Ashley Campau, Outreach Coordinator Technology
Mandy McCall, Project Coordinator Sean Davis, Division Manager
Tiffany Monahan, Systems Specialist  
Jennifer Rehkopf, Customer Care Specialist  
Renea Shively, Project Specialist
Randi VanHemert, Project Coordinator  
Helen Bacon, Division Manager  
John Chadra, Operations Coordinator  
Cindy Jones, Operations Coordinator  
Cindy Sanders, Shipping Coordinator  
Ann Turner, Help Desk Specialist  
Jackie Wernette, Operations Specialist  
Danielle Wilson, Operations Coordinator

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