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HBI/NAHB Residential Construction Academy (RCA) Series Student Certification Assessments

HBI (Home Builders Institute) is a national leader for career training in the building industry, preparing students with the skills they need for successful careers in the industry. HBI’s educational materials are designed to be relevant in today’s rapidly changing environment, bringing increased professionalism, competency and effectiveness to those entering the residential building workforce. HBI works in partnership with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in carrying out its numerous workforce development initiatives. These assessments represent and reinforce HBI’s commitment to assist the industry in preparing a knowledgeable and productive workforce. Importantly, the content of the RCA Series is based on national skill standards set by NAHB industry professionals and educators.


The certification exams that are currently offered are listed below. Assessment blueprints are available by clicking the test title.

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Administration Details

  • The assessment can be administered either paper/pencil or online through QuadNet, NOCTI’s online assessment system
  • Written and Performance component available
  • Tests are available in Text-to-Speech format
  • Pre-tests are not currently available for this program
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HBI/NAHB Residential Construction Academy (RCA) Series Customized Study Guides

Study guides are available for all of the HBI/NAHB Residential Construction Academy (RCA) Series Student Certification assessments. Study guides are intended to serve as a road map for test preparation and can be used individually or in small groups. Sample questions provide an opportunity for students and teachers to experience the type of questions found on the assessments.


The HBI/NAHB Residential Construction Academy (RCA) Series Student Certification assessments offer various levels of certification.  Those taking the basic-level assessments can earn an “entry-level” or “semi-skilled” certification and individuals taking the advanced-level assessments can earn the “entry-level”, “semi-skilled” or “skilled” certification.  Passing levels to obtain certification will be based solely on the levels established by HBI/NAHB for the written assessment.  Passing levels are shown below.

Test TitleEntry-LevelSemi-SkilledSkilled
Basic Principles of Construction66%NANA
Building Construction Technology Basic52%72%NA
Building Construction Technology Advanced50%57%79%
Carpentry Basic70%85%NA
Carpentry Advanced49%80%90%
HVAC Basic51%76%NA
HVAC Service Tech Advanced42%70%85%
House Wiring Basic66%73%NA
House Wiring Advanced65%75%85%
Plumbing Basic25%70%NA
Plumbing Advanced25%50%76%