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Green Education Foundation Institute (GEFI)

The GEF Institute is a division of the Green Education Foundation established to meet the increasing market demand for professional level sustainability focused education and training. Skills and knowledge in sustainability are now even more important, as Sustainability Practices has been added to the Tier 3 workplace competencies on the Department of Labor Competency Model.

GEFI and NOCTI have partnered to meet this need by offering the Institute’s Sustainability 101 Program which includes both a pre- and post-test as well as a 15-hour self-paced course.


Assessment Blueprint Information
Review the Sustainability 101 assessment blueprint for an overview, including competencies covered, distribution of content, and sample questions.

Administration Details

  • The Sustainability 101 Program includes:
    • One online pre-test user code
    • One online post-test user code
    • Access to the 15-hour course which includes one online practice-test user code
  • The pre-test is intended to be given prior to starting the 15-hour course to establish a baseline of knowledge regarding sustainability concepts.
  • Once the pre-test has been administered and scores received, students should be provided access to the course. Students will go through the course based on the plan determined by the teacher (e.g., self-paced or instructor-led).
  • Once the student has completed the course, the practice test can be administered.
  • The final step to receive certification is to complete and pass the post-test with a 72.0%. The score report provided by NOCTI will include a comparison between the pre- and post-test scores.
  • The pre- and post-tests are administered exclusively through QuadNet™, NOCTI’s online assessment system.
  • The Sustainability 101 assessment consists of a multiple-choice component only.
  • Tests are available in a Text-to-Speech format.

The Sustainability 101 program has one level of certification. Those passing the Sustainability 101 post-test and meeting the qualifying score (72.0%) will receive certification.

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