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Please complete this form online or email it to NOCTI at cut.score@nocti.org no later than October 24, 2017.

YES, I am interested in participating in the 2017-2018 National Cut Score Project. I understand that I must attend a GoTo Meeting training session, even if I have been previously trained. Please take a moment to update your contact information and select your training session time/day.

Click here for a printable form that can be scanned and emailed.

My areas of expertise are (check all that apply):

JOB READY Student Assessments: (Training to be scheduled in late October)

Culinary Arts Level 1 Prep Cook
Culinary Arts Level 2 Cook
Dental Assisting
Health Pathways (Diagnostic Services, Health Informatics, Therapeutic Services)
Medical Assisting (performance only)

TEACHER TESTS: (Training to be scheduled in early January):

Dental Assisting

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Primary E-mail Address
Secondary E-mail Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone

Currently working in (check all that apply):

           Secondary Education
           Post-Secondary Education

Please indicate any professional organizations to which you belong:
Please indicate the best weekday/time for one hour training...

Are you interested in serving as a NOCTI Subject Matter Expert for other projects?


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