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An update from our CEO
John C. Foster
April 29, 2020

As schools, career centers, and community colleges continue to close their doors until fall, the NOCTI team is finding itself in a very unusual position. Many of us are feeling the impact on our own work and family lives as well. Social distancing and non-essential business and school shut downs have virtually eliminated all travel and group interaction, even in family settings. Most of us haven't seen anyone not living under our own roofs for several weeks. At this writing, more than three quarters of the states in the nation have closed their doors until the following school year, with the remainder closing either indefinitely or into late-May. Though our mission remains to enhance CTE participants' technical competency through our certification processes, our business processes have had to change.

NOCTI has shifted from a 30% remote organization to a 100% remote organization. We still offer all services, but as a result of school closures our immediate work has slowed a bit allowing us to increase our time to focus on innovation. For those of you who would like to complete your NOCTI certification including the opportunity to obtain college credit we have remote proctoring options in place to make this a reality. For more information please contact us at nocti@nocti.org.

We are working on additional reports that can be used for professional development, enhanced study guides, and a number of other options related to our services. You'll hear more from us on the above items and more as the nation works its way through this pandemic and its repercussions.

I should mention that personally I've enjoyed reading bedtime stories to my grandson via Facetime, being the recipient of my wife's cooking skills, and the cleaner air and waterways this virus has indirectly caused. All of us are adjusting to this temporary state of affairs and like many others, I remain confident that we'll come out of this stronger and more resilient than ever. If we can help in the meantime please call or e-mail nocti@nocti.org

I'd like to close by mentioning a tweet from songwriter Paul Williams, "When you go out and see the empty streets, the empty stadiums, the empty train platforms, don't say to yourself, it looks like the end of the world. What you're seeing is love in action. What you're seeing in that negative space, is how much we do care for each other, for our grandparents, for immuno-compromised brothers and sisters, for people we will never meet. People will lose jobs over this, some will lose their businesses, and some will lose their lives. All the more reason to take a moment, when you're out on your walk, or on your way to the store, or just watching the news, to look into the emptiness and marvel at all of that love. Let it fill you and sustain you. It isn't the end of the world. It is the most remarkable act of global solidarity we may ever witness."

Take care of each other,