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An update from our CEO
John C. Foster
April 29, 2020
A message from our Board Chair
Michelle McFarlane
April 29, 2020

 Remote Proctoring

With the myriad of changes directly impacting our educational system during the COVID pandemic, a great deal of flexibility has been required as it relates to a learner's ability to earn a credential. NOCTI is offering remote proctoring to its education clients through ProctorU, a leading remote proctoring solution.

Certification and credentials continue to be an important part of a learner's portfolio, yet, the traditional methods for earning a credential have also been temporarily impacted by the pandemic. If your site is interested in continuing to offer credentials and/or certifications, or if you will be moving forward with credentialing and/or certification opportunities in the near future, NOCTI's remote proctoring option is an ideal interim solution while social distancing is in place.

A ProctorU remote proctoring session includes a live proctor overseeing the test administration. All accrediting bodies, national testing associations, and the Association of Test Publishers agree this type of proctoring is the ideal option for high stakes credentialing. The fee for remote proctoring is $45.00 when ordered through NOCTI. NOCTI coordinates the remote proctoring session with sites and ProctorU to schedule testing windows and assessments are taken using NOCTI's online testing system.

Customers with an active account are eligible to order the remote proctoring option through NOCTI's Client Services Center. If your organization is not a current client, getting started with NOCTI is fast and easy. Review and complete our Security and Testing Agreement. To learn more, email NOCTI at nocti@nocti.org.

 Ideas to Use During COVID-19

Organizations serving the CTE community are putting their creative thinking skills to use finding ways to continue student learning. Many have reached out to NOCTI for ideas on how they can help ensure their students have the opportunity to earn the credentials they have been working toward. While some decisions may depend on approval from a state department of education or local district policy, here are some ideas that may spark some conversations within your organization!

for Everyone

Considerations for
CTE State Directors
and Local CTE

Considerations for
CTE Teachers

Considerations for
Students and

General Considerations for Everyone

Take advantage of free digital study guides with your purchase of post-tests! Orders must be placed by May 30, 2020 and expiration dates will be extended to September 30, 2020 in order for schools to provide credentialing opportunities for 2020 seniors. Digital study guides can be used for all CTE completers within your state or school to keep students' skills sharp. Available 24/7, digital study guides are accessible on mobile devices as well as desktops and tablets. They allow the teacher to follow students' progress and provide a reusable question bank to assess student comprehension.

Take advantage of NOCTI's extensions for user codes. User codes for most testing programs have been extended through June 30, 2021.

Any customers who have ordered paper-based versions of NOCTI study guides will have the option to convert to the digital study guide format at no cost! Contact NOCTI by May 30, 2020 to take advantage of this free conversion and for more details.

Offer remote-proctored options that allow students to acquire high-stakes credentials during this time of remote learning. All accrediting bodies, national testing associations, and the Association of Test Publishers agree that "live" proctoring is the only remote proctoring format that is accepted for high-stakes credentialing.

Recognize student completers in 2020 with digital badges signifying competence acquired. We know many of you are planning virtual or drive-through graduations so think about the benefits of having a NOCTI-branded credential as part of that ceremony. NOCTI offers digital badges for all of its credentials and we have a subscription-based badge system that you can use to recognize students based on criteria you determine (e.g., best welder, most improved technician, outstanding co-op student).

Administer an online pretest to learners in your 2021 graduating class to assess technical knowledge loss/gain due to the extended time away. This can be offered before school starts through our remote proctoring option. Using this format allows teachers to plan instructional goals before students appear in the classroom. Pre-tests can also be used in a school-proctored setting during a re-orientation period.

Review NOCTI's on-demand webinars as part of an ongoing instructional development program for your staff, instructional leaders, and paraprofessionals. Webinars are available on the following topics:

Check out NOCTI's Publications on the following topics:

Enroll your staff in one of three virtual development programs. All programs are based on the popular ACTE/NOCTI book series for teachers, administrators, and those working with data.

New CTE Teacher Course (6 days)
New CTE Administrator Course (6 days)
Working with Data and Improving Your School (3 days)

Considerations for CTE State Directors and Local CTE Administrators

Schedule a virtual meeting to conduct an analysis of schoolwide data with one of our experts.

Order the Administrative Leadership: 10 Things to Know publication series for new CTE administrators.

Refresh your skills in using data for program improvement with the Putting Your Data to Work publication.

Review NOCTI's on-demand webinars called Spotlight Series: Evaluating the Quality of Technical Credentials.

Register for a New CTE Administrator virtual professional development session.

Inquire about a statewide or schoolwide online curriculum and certification package for workplace readiness.

For those states utilizing work-based learning as an accountability measure, consider requiring the 21st Century Skills for Workplace Success credential and establishing a required score prior to allowing students to begin work-based learning programs or consider using the credential as a pre-test and post-test to measure learning gains in those work-based learning components. We can tie that to free access to an online curriculum that directly aligns to that credential (offer good until June 30, 2020).

For those that regularly utilize NOCTI and NOCTI partner program credentials, consider reviewing statewide reports regarding how to highlight technical proficiencies within your state.

Considerations for CTE Teachers

Sign up for a New CTE Teacher virtual professional development session.

Order the 10 Things to Know publication series for new CTE teachers.

Learn more about using data for data-driven decision making with the Putting Your Data to Work publication.

Review NOCTI's teacher-focused on-demand webinars on the following topics:

Take advantage of the review opportunities available by using digital study guides with incoming CTE students.

Check out free online curriculum from Today's Class and low-cost certification packages for workplace readiness from NOCTI.

Considerations for Students and Parents

Purchase digital study guides to accompany NOCTI credentials.

Review partner program credentials available through NOCTI.

Schedule a remote-proctored administration to acquire a high-stakes credentials and earn college credit.