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Today’s credentialing marketplace is confusing. Through an increasing array of credentials—such as degrees, certificates, licenses, certifications, badges, and apprenticeships—job seekers, students, and workers have more options than ever. There has never been an efficient system to collect, search, and compare credential in a way that keeps pace with the speed of change in the 21st century that is universally understood. With more than 330,000 confirmed credentials in the U.S. alone, this lack of information contributes to confusion and uninformed decision making.

Credential Engine is demystifying the credential marketplace by bringing both transparency and common understanding to credentials for the first time in order to provide the information needed to make better credentialing decisions and reveal credentialing and labor trends. Through web-based services, Credential Engine provides tools and services to find, understand, and compare information about credentials in a user-friendly format in order to help people get the reliable credentialing information they need in order to decide for themselves what credentials or credentialing pathways work best for their needs.

NOCTI was involved in the early stages of the Credential Registry, participates in two advisory committees, and has published 100+ of its own credentials to the Credential Registry.

View the NOCTI entries in the Credential Finder.
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