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A teacher's role in the assessment process is vital to student success!
  • Use our Assessment Blueprints to identify the right assessment for your students
  • Prepare students using NOCTI Study Guides and Countdown Kits
  • Explore accommodation options for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Set up your lab or classroom for performance testing
  • Identify gains and areas for improvement using NOCTI score reports

Can I serve as a proctor or evaluator?
What is my role in performance testing?
What will my Site Coordinator need from me?

Can I Serve as a Proctor or Evaluator?

As a teacher you play a critical role in the testing program at your site. You may be asked to assist with the selection of proctors and evaluators for test administration. The information below is provided to assist you in targeting professionals who will adhere to the guidelines by NOCTI and conduct test administration in an ethical manner, both of which will assist in protecting the integrity of your testing program and resulting scoring data.

Can a teacher proctor the written test?

The NOCTI Security Policy states that teachers for the content area in which the assessment is administered are prohibited from proctoring their own students or students in a similar educational or Career Technical Education program. This applies to the multiple-choice assessments in both online and paper/pencil formats.

Who can serve as an assessment proctor?

Proctors selected for the written assessment administration need not be skilled in a particular occupational area, but should be:

  • Experienced in administration of objective-type assessments
  • Knowledgeable of all NOCTI security processes and procedures
  • Detail-oriented and able to monitor groups of people
  • Capable of speaking and reading clearly and audibly
  • Familiar with the computer lab setup and have access to technical support staff for assistance if utilizing online administration

Can a teacher serve as an evaluator for the performance test?

Teachers are not permitted to serve as evaluators for the performance assessments. Only third-party individuals, such as those listed below, are eligible to serve as evaluators for the performance assessment. Evaluators must have recent work experience in the technical area being assessed.

Who can serve as a performance evaluator?

Evaluators selected for the performance assessment administration must be professionals in the field with a minimum of three-years recent experience and may include the following individuals:

  • Advisory committee members;
  • Private contractors and local businesspersons;
  • Military personnel; and
  • Qualified non-instructional staff (e.g., school nurse, maintenance staff).


What is My Role in Performance Testing?

Based on liability and logistical considerations, teachers should be accessible during the performance assessment administration to assist with tasks that the evaluator cannot do (i.e., locate extra materials, shut off power, give a student a pass, etc.). To maintain the integrity of the assessment, teachers cannot have access to assessment booklets, answer sheets, user codes or evaluator guides, and should not observe either the multiple-choice or performance assessment administration.

So, what is available to teachers?

It is important that teachers are informed about NOCTI's assessment services, policies, and procedures. NOCTI provides Instructor Prep Packs in the Teacher Resources section of The Teacher's Corner to assist with planning for test administration. Instructor Prep Packs outline the teacher's role in the assessment process and contain a list of materials and tools needed for each performance job of the assessment. This information is helpful for setting up the shop or lab prior to test administration. School Site Coordinators can also access the Instructor Prep Packs at the Client Services Center.


What Will My Site Coordinator Need from Me?

Teachers and Site Coordinators work together to plan for successful assessment administration which includes the following decisions and logistical considerations.

  • Selecting assessments based on program content
  • Determining if resources such as pre-testing, Study Guides, or Countdown Kits will be incorporated during the school year
  • Scheduling testing dates/times, including make-up dates, if appropriate
  • Determining if multiple-session administration is appropriate to accommodate class schedules
  • Identifying suitable and qualified proctors and evaluators based on NOCTI requirements
  • Providing notification to parents/guardians about test administration
  • Reviewing score reports and providing individual reports to participants
  • Ensuring accommodations for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) have been identified

NOCTI provides resources for both teachers and Site Coordinators to assist with these decisions. Click the Tools tab for a list of helpful resources.


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