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Pennsylvania State Program

NOCTI serves as the assessment provider for the Student Occupational Competency Testing program required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Career and Technical Education (BCTE) for students in approved career and technical programs.

NOCTI’s Job Ready credentials, customized assessments developed by NOCTI for Pennsylvania, NOCTI study guides, and QuadNetTM, NOCTI’s online testing and program management system are key components of the program. BCTE and NOCTI collaborated on a Pennsylvania customized Client Services Center and Teacher Resource Center to provide additional support and resources for schools and teachers.

The information and links below provide access to program resources and systems.

Testing Forms, Requirements, and Benchmarks
Test Crosswalk
Technical Assistance Program (TAP)
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 Client Services
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 Pennsylvania Customized Assessments

NOCTI has developed customized tests for several Pennsylvania Programs of Study standards. NOCTI offers supplemental materials such as study guides and Countdown Kits to accompany the customized assessments. Click the links below for assessment blueprints.

 Pennsylvania Pilot Assessments

Pennsylvania has worked with NOCTI to customize several assessments which now need to be pilot tested. Click here to learn more about pilot testing, the order process, and to view these state-customized pilot test blueprints.

College Credit Recommendation

The National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) has evaluated the Pennsylvania customized assessments to translate the content into college credit equivalencies. Students must meet a 70% benchmark on an approved assessment to be eligible for college credit. A College Credit Recommendation Report will be posted to the Client Services Center for each eligible student at no additional cost. For more information, including a list of eligible assessments and their corresponding college credit recommendation, students can visit http://www.nocti.org/nccrs.cfm.

Retired NOCTI Painting and Decorating Assessment

NOCTI’s Painting and Decorating assessment is included on the test crosswalk for 46.0408, Painting/Painter and Wall Coverer. Click the link below for the assessment blueprint and list of materials and supplies.

Data Upload Tool

NOCTI's Data Upload Tool is available for all schools testing as part of the Student Occupational Competency Testing Program. The Data Upload Tool assists with assigning students to test user codes, ensuring the accuracy of student information, and correctly matching pre- and post-test data.

Pennsylvania State Averages

Below are the Pennsylvania state averages as of July 2018 for NOCTI assessments.

State Averages – Secondary

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