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New York

NOCTI assessments provide New York Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs with valid, reliable written and performance assessment options to satisfy the requirements of New York’s state-approval process for CTE programs.

NOCTI Approved Credentials for APPR

NOCTI Credentials Approved and Considered Comparable to the Regents Exam

How can NOCTI assessments be used for the approval process?

Job Ready Assessments
NOCTI Job Ready assessments consist of both a written and performance component. Many NY CTE programs use both components to satisfy approval process requirements. Other ways programs can use Job Ready assessments include:

  • Administering only a written component with a state-approved alternate performance test
  • Administering only a performance component with a state-approved alternate written test

Pathway Assessments
NOCTI Pathway assessments consist of only a written component. If a NOCTI Pathway assessment fits the needs of the CTE program, it can be paired with a state-approved performance test to meet the requirement of administering both a written and performance assessment.

New York Customized Assessments
NOCTI is the assessment provider for several assessments customized for NY CTE programs. To view an assessment blueprint, choose the appropriate title below.

Note:  A nationally validated NOCTI Job Ready Small Animal Science assessment is available as an option to the New York customized assessment.

Cut Score Information
NYSED-approved cut scores are posted in the spring of the academic school year. For a list of cut scores for NOCTI assessments and NY customized assessments click here.

NYSED Contact Information
Click here for NYSED contact information if you have questions about the program approval process or the cut scores.

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