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Several NOCTI Job Ready and Pathway assessments are approved for use with Georgia technical skill attainment end-of-pathway testing. NOCTI is also the assessment provider for three state developed assessments.

Approved TSA Assessment Information
NOCTI Job Ready and Pathway Assessment Blueprints
NOCTI Pre-Test Information
NOCTI Job Ready and Pathway Pricing
CTAE Assessment Coordinator Contact Information

State Developed Assessments
NOCTI and the Georgia Department of Education worked together to customize three customized assessments. Assessment blueprints are available by clicking the links below.

Plant Science/Horticulture
Teaching as a Profession

Administration Details
• Online administration through QuadNet, NOCTI’s online assessment system
• 90-minute test time
• Administer in one 90-minute session or two 45-minute sessions
• Pre- and post-testing options available

Pricing Information
Georgia customized assessments follow the NOCTI Job Ready pricing for online test administration.

Georgia Customized Study Guides
Study guides are available for the Georgia state development Engineering, Plant Science/Horticulture, and Teaching as a Profession assessments. Study Guides are intended to serve as a road map for test preparation and can be used individually or in small groups. Sample questions provide an opportunity for students and teachers to experience the type of questions found on the assessments.


Online sample questions provide students and teachers the opportunity to:
• Experience the online testing system features
• Become familiar with test question format

Pricing Information
Georgia customized study guides follow the standard NOCTI study guide pricing.

Click here for order information

Georgia Certificate of Achievement
Students taking a NOCTI Job Ready or Pathway assessment or a state-developed test administered by NOCTI can qualify for a certificate of achievement by meeting or exceeding the established cut score.

Once score reports are processed, site coordinators access the certificates at the Client Services Center.  Certificates can be printed directly from the Client Services Center or saved to a local workstation or network.  Certificates from third-party organizations (e.g., A*S*K Institute, American Culinary Federation) will continue to be issued by those organizations.