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SME Spotlight – Chef Jeremy Abbey

SME Spotlight Chef Jeremy Abbey at work
SME Spotlight Chef Jeremy Abbey

NOCTI works with talented Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) every day. These individuals provide vital expertise in their chosen field as members of assessment development, revision, or resource teams.  In each newsletter edition, we highlight one of these dedicated individuals. In our winter edition, we would like to introduce you to Chef Jeremy Abbey. Chef Abbey has worked in multifaceted culinary environments, including many fine dining establishments, a banquet, a café, an athletic club, a hospital, and even a health-conscious meal service called Health Alliance Plan. In these companies, he has served under titles such as Sous Chef, Executive Chef, and Corporate Chef. From 2009 to 2016, he was a Program Director for Dorsey Schools where he developed curriculum, provided basic culinary training, and hired instructional chefs. He continues to be chef and owner of a private Detroit-based catering and consulting business established in 1999– Culinary Impressions, Inc. Chef Abbey also enjoys being the new Certification Director at the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

But you won’t just find Chef Abbey’s professional mark in a restaurant atmosphere– He recently judged open casting calls on the television show Master Chef, and wrote culinary pieces for edibleWOW and WorldChefs magazines. In mid-December, he cooked in the Detroit Underground Omakase, a chef-selected meal showcase. There, he was featured under his new title as of November 2017, World Certified Master Chef (WCMC), which now complements his other top credentials– Certified Executive Chef, Certified Executive Pastry Chef, Certified Culinary Educator, and Certified Culinary Administrator, from the American Culinary Federation.

Chef Abbey became a NOCTI Subject Matter Expert (SME) in February 2017. During this time, he helped revise the Retail Commercial Baking assessment alongside five other top culinary experts. When asked to recount the most challenging aspect of this process, he said, “Trying to focus one question around ‘knowledge of pie dough’ is a challenge, but seven of them proves to be a larger challenge. It is a great amount of fun when you push yourself to learn more about these focused points.”

The most rewarding aspects of the revision for him were threefold: the ease and professionalism of NOCTI, the expansion of his professional knowledge, and his collaborations with an incredible group of professionals from across the country.

“It is always interesting working with personalities in the development of our profession. We are a very passionate industry and care about student success… the professional connections made with these individuals was awesome and I look forward to working with these chefs in the future.”

To those considering applying to become SMEs, Chef Abbey says, “Do it! If asked, don’t hesitate. Make the time to get involved in revision and development. As a professional, it will expand your core knowledge and make you a better professional by forcing you to think beyond the norm, and the process provides a great chance to see how other professionals in the field think.”

So what is one of Chef Abbey’s non-culinary hobbies? “Almost everything in my life revolves around food and culinary, but for over 20 years I have played saxophone in a professional band. I love the creative outlet it provides when I have the time to play.”

He ended our interview with a quote by Auguste Esscoffier: “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.”

Thank you for your excellent work on our SME team, Chef Abbey!

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