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Pilot Testing Perks

Did you know that you can try out new and revised NOCTI assessments during our pilot testing phase?

Pilot testing is a critical step in the test development and revision process. Data gathered during this time is used to ensure that the items, jobs, and tests as a whole are performing to industry guidelines. It is an essential piece for NOCTI to produce the best possible assessments.

But it is not just beneficial for NOCTI! Pilot testing gives you an opportunity to administer- and students an opportunity to take- a newly revised credentialing exam in a “no pressure” environment. You can use this as an opportunity to evaluate your test administration processes and procedures and make any necessary improvements. NOCTI provides score reports for pilot testing, which can be reviewed as well. Trends noted in the reports can be used to make any changes to your curriculum to ensure alignment to the current industry standards.

Pilot testing is FREE! Not only that, but NOCTI provides gift certificates for participation which can be used to purchase NOCTI products.

  • $100 Administer at least 10 knowledge-based pilot assessments
  • $250 Administer at least 10 assessments with both knowledge-based and skill-based components
  • $400 Administer at least 25 assessments with both knowledge-based and skill-based components

NOCTI’s pilot testing window is currently open, and you can test any time between now and April 30, 2020. With over 35 titles available for piloting, there is sure to be something to fit your program! Review the full list of available test titles and fill out an application today!

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