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SME Spotlight – Dr. Cheryl Dunlap

Dr. Cheryl Dunlap PhotoI strongly feel that education is a great equalizer that allows students from diverse backgrounds to have equal career opportunities.”

That is a quote from Dr. Cheryl Dunlap, a New Jersey-based instructor at West Orange High School.

Cheryl Dunlap has worked as a public school teacher for 15 years. She obtained her doctoral degree in K-12 School Administration in 2016 and holds an MBA. She has taught Computer Repair and Computer Networking courses and has previous experience in the field of corporate training. As a Subject Matter Expert, her expertise has informed the content for two Job Ready tests – Computer Programming and Computer Repair Technology.

“The most rewarding aspect of my career is the opportunity that I get to support every student in succeeding. I work with a diverse group of students, some of whom are part of a low socioeconomic group. I am grateful to have an opportunity to support all students in developing academically so that they all have an equal opportunity to succeed in their chosen endeavors.”

Additionally, Cheryl has spent many years as an advisor for SkillsUSA. She has mentored three students who served as SkillsUSA State Officers.

“I also spend a lot of my free time doing research. I am interested in the influence of chronic absenteeism on standardized test scores at the high school level. Chronic absenteeism is a fairly new metric being measured at the high school level for the annual New Jersey state performance reports.”

Outside of her academic professional life, Cheryl enjoys spending time with her two sons and became a grandmother this year. When she is not busy with family, she enjoys learning to play tennis. In her spiritual community, she hosts support group sessions for women and works with teenage girls to support them in developing their identities.

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