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Message from President/CEO John Foster

John Foster Photo At this writing, the schools in my area are open for business and students are busy learning skills to get them started in their technical careers! I would imagine in most states CTE administrators are involved with needs assessment in preparation for their local plan submission. We have been involved in helping numerous states and schools in understanding the value of the detail in their technical score reports. In most cases, entities that have been using NOCTI services for longer periods of time can perform data analyses by program or by school, and they can perform it at the competency level! These entities can perform analyses at a pre- and post-test level or in the form of longitudinal analyses. By looking at this data, these entities have a significant jump on program performance as it relates to size, scope, and quality. They also have an important advantage in analyzing the instructional quality of their programs. Lastly, the data from NOCTI's technical score reports provides valuable information for designing professional development programs when it comes to recruitment and retention of quality staff. Talk to us about how we can help your state, school, or program. We have co-published a book entitled Putting Your Data to Work: Improving Instruction in CTE, with our friends at ACTE that can help guide you in the data analysis process.

As many of our regular readers know, we have been involved in Lumina's Credential Engine Transparency Initiative, which has since become known as Credential Engine (CE). I might add that thanks to the ongoing success of this program, CE has also increased the number of philanthropic funders as well increasing the number of credentials in their registry to over 6,000. The registry, or database of credentials, represents one of the organization's three major components of work. Their third component is to utilize apps that draw information from the registry for a specialized group of clients. I'm pleased to announce that NOCTI has developed the first app to do just that. It was designed for anyone trying to find credentials of value and is called ValuedCREDS™. ValuedCREDS will debut at VISION 2019, so stop by the NOCTI booth (#616) and find out how to take advantage of it.

Speaking of ACTE’s VISION 2019, it is our fifth year sponsoring the Credential Corner and we are proud to feature our credentials along with those of our partners. VISION 2019 will also be the place where NOCTI will be announcing some new partnerships, collaborations, and some cutting-edge technology concepts. If you happen to be in California December 4-7 stop by and see us!

NOCTI and NBS believe in doing our part to strengthen the value of credentials for the CTE community, and that is one reason we work with partners like CE and others like the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) and the National College Testing Association (NCTA). We are part of a committee led by ATP and NCTA that is focused on developing a nationally-accepted standard for credential test proctoring in an online format.

We recently released our second CTE administrative leadership book CTE Administrative Leadership: 10 More Things to Know in Your First Year and it can be found on NOCTI’s website. In addition, we are currently writing the third installment: CTE Administrative Leadership: 10 Additional Things to Know, and revising our first new teacher book, Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know.

The new teacher books were the basis of the new CTE teacher training that NOCTI recently delivered in Nevada. Our facilitators not only delivered CTE teaching strategies, but also embedded literacy strategies thanks to our partners at MAX Teaching. In a few short weeks, we will be working with a New York BOCES using our Putting Your Data to Work: Improving Instruction in CTE book as a way to help them use data for their Perkins V local needs assessment.

Remember to sign up for our second co-hosted Credential Summit, in Raleigh, North Carolina, October 2-3, 2019. Take a minute to check out the agenda and presenters! To learn more about the 2019 Credential Summit and to register for this year’s event visit NOCTI's website.

I mentioned our video contest in my last message but it deserves repeating! Inform your creative arts programs about our video contest. CTE students have a chance to show off their creative and technical abilities while gaining recognition for their school during CTE month! The 2020 theme "Victory in CTE" was recently announced and the contest is officially open! Share this with your students and get them excited to create their submission during the 2019-20 school year!

One other item of interest that may be a benefit to you in helping your students take responsibility for learning is NOCTI’s study guides. In addition to being a great resource to help acquire a NOCTI credential, they can also be a tool for students to track their own progress and establish individual benchmarks for what they need to know. Check out our study guides on our website. Study guides are available in digital format or in a traditional paper-based format.

We hope that a few of the things mentioned in this newsletter highlight some of the reasons that set NOCTI apart from other credentialing bodies. Not only do we provide over 170 technical credentials, but we also keep them up-to-date with industry standards, tie them to college credit, and provide reports that enable CTE programs around the country to continuously improve. As important as those things are, we also maintain accreditation to the ISO 17024 standard for certification programs. We remain focused on collaborating with entities that we believe will continue to assure your students' success.

On behalf of the NOCTI staff, our Board of Trustees, and our Consortium of States, I sincerely hope that fall is a time of new growth for you and your programs. Remember to take time to think about the important role you play in growing the workforce. As always, if you have recommendations for a new service or product that you would like NOCTI to offer, or have other suggestions or questions for us, please email nocti@nocti.org.

Thank you for trusting NOCTI to deliver the quality credentials, comprehensive data, and professional development needed to help improve your programs. We look forward to your continued service to the CTE community and look forward to hearing from you on how we can meet your needs!

John Foster
NOCTI/Nocti Business Solutions
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