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"The NOCTI organization and staff are outstanding, customer-focused and everyone goes above and beyond to be of service. I commend each and every staff person."

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NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions boast some of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Average rates are typically at 15% www.compensationforce.com/2014/02/2013-turnover-rates-by-industry.html. We believe that this is due to our team's dedication and due to our ability to recognize the achievements of individuals, providing data for continuous improvement of our educational system and in contributing to our national standard of living. We recognize that dedication and contribution through the awarding of a digital credential every five years beginning at year five.

The Administration and Finance Division includes the President's Office, Finance, Human Resources, and Facilities. The President conducts company affairs under the supervision of the Board of Trustees. Responsibilities of the Finance area include financial oversight, budgeting and reporting. Administrative responsibilities of the Human Resource area include hiring, payroll, benefits, contractor agreements, and acting as the liaison between outside accounting and legal professionals for both companies.

John Foster, President/CEO: John has been with NOCTI since 2005. He likes running, hiking, scuba diving, ice fishing, and trying local cuisine during his travels.

Amie Bloomfield, Executive Vice-President: Amie has been with NOCTI since 1995. She enjoys taking pictures, homemade spaghetti, singing along with the radio in the car, and most of all spending time with her new little girl.

Sherry Hayes, Executive/Board Coordinator: Sherry joined NOCTI in January 2013. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, reading, and football.

Chris Carter, Finance Manager: Chris has been with NOCTI since 2017. He enjoys being outside during all seasons (especially winter), exploring, fishing in the spring with family, sports (wrestling and hockey, go Wings), boating, canoeing, walking, biking, and cooking on the grill.

Ruth Foote, Administrative Assistant: Ruth has been part of the NOCTI team since 2010. She enjoys weight lifting, Tae Kwon Do, landscaping, and keeping busy with her many projects.

Jackie Lenger, Graphic Designer: Jackie has been with NOCTI since 2004. Jackie likes taking pictures, going off-road in her family Jeep, and new traveling adventures.

Kimberly Newman, Accounting Specialist: Kim joined NOCTI in January of 2015. She enjoys the seasons of Michigan but cannot wait for summer sunshine, sandals and boating/beach days with her family and dogs. When the weather is unreasonable, Kim enjoys cooking for family and friends.

Cindy Saffell, Accounting Coordinator: Cindy has worked at NOCTI since 2006. She loves quilting, going to the movies, family get-togethers, living in the country, and playing with her dog.

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We have one major goal…to make your experience with NOCTI a pleasant one! We know how frustrating it can be to maneuver through an automated menu when calling a business, that’s why when you call NOCTI you’ll reach a real person. Our dedicated team of professionals is knowledgeable and if we can’t personally answer your question, we’ll get you to a team member who can! We trust that your experiences with NOCTI have been positive and if they haven’t or you have suggestions, we want to know. It’s that simple.

Heidi Speese, Manager: Heidi has been with NOCTI since 2000. Heidi likes a good book on a rainy day, road trips, gardening, and “chick flicks”.

Lisa Brauher, Project Coordinator: Lisa has been with NOCTI since 2010. Lisa likes spending time outdoors, U of M football, scrapbooking, and watching her kids’ sporting events.

Ashley Campau, Outreach Coordinator: Ashley started with NOCTI in 2011. She likes autumn, the color green, outer space, and cats.

Mandy McCall, Project Coordinator: Mandy has been with NOCTI since 2005. She likes taking photos of her two young children, reading a good book, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Tiffany Monahan, Project Specialist: Tiffany joined NOCTI in July 2015. She enjoys reading, camping with family and friends, and making Halloween costumes for her kids.

Renea Shively, Project Specialist: Renea joined NOCTI in May 2017. She enjoys spending time with her kids, being outside (running, gardening, playing ball), or reading a good book.

Randi VanHemert, Project Coordinator: Randi joined the NOCTI team in July 2016. She likes spending time with her family and friends, playing slow pitch softball, camping, hunting, and enjoys a good adventure.

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The Information Technology Division forms the backbone of NOCTI’s business. Our team exists to provide structure to every arm of our business. We’re here to serve whether it’s fast, easy-to-use online testing systems for our clients or efficient, time-saving tools and systems for our own staff. Remember, “Technology is your friend.”

Sean Davis, Manager: Sean has been with NOCTI since 2001, the first two as a software consultant and the rest as Division Manager. Originally from Washington state, he enjoys all things Seattle as well as football, camping, reading, Starbucks, and a friendly yet competitive game of cards.

Jenny Burson, Technology Specialist: Jenny has been with NOCTI since 2009. She enjoys camping in the summer and riding snowmobiles in the winter. Are there really any other seasons?

Kent De Young, Programmer: Kent joined the NOCTI team in August 2016. He enjoys a good Movie or TV series, bicycling, camping, playing drums, watching football, and of course lots of snow for downhill skiing.

Sterling Heibeck, Programmer: Sterling started at NOCTI in 2017. He enjoys working on anything that has a keyboard, family time, teaching martial arts, playing bass, and making/playing tabletop games.

Christina Hobbs, Programmer: Chris joined NOCTI in April 2016. Although not one to miss a meal, she can be found most of her lunch hours at home improvement stores, searching for her next DIY project inspiration. In between projects, she enjoys boating, snowmobiling, and all things outdoors.

Ryan Hoxie, Systems Administrator: Ryan joined NOCTI in April 2017. He likes building computers, astronomy, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and watching science fiction movies.

Jim Martin, Programmer: Jim started with NOCTI in 2012. He enjoys playing the guitar, building and flying model aircraft, and bicycling with his family.

Jill Nellis, Technology Specialist: Jill joined the NOCTI team in 2013. She likes to spend time with her 2 children, enjoys weekends at the lake, a good book, and time with family and friends.

Nick Olesak, Programmer: Nick joined the NOCTI team in 2015. He enjoys a good cup of coffee, playing basketball, waterskiing, bicycling, camping, playing guitar, and watching football: GO PACK GO!

Tallon Simmons, Programmer: Tallon joined NOCTI in September 2017. When he is not writing code he enjoys a variety of activities from motocross, to hiking, to yo-yoing. But enjoys time with his wife and little girl most of all.

Keith VanHulle, Programmer: Keith joined the NOCTI team in 2016. He enjoys hiking, hockey, puzzles, snowboarding, golf, hanging out with friends and family, and listening to music.

Krista Wilcox, Systems Administrator: Krista joined the NOCTI team in February 2016. She enjoys camping with family and friends, kayaking, gardening, golfing, and playing board games or cards with my children.

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NOCTI's Assessment Management Division is responsible for creating and developing your tests! We aspire to provide excellent assessment tools, including written and performance assessments, study guide packages, instructor prep packs, the ever-popular assessment blueprints and more!

Pat Kelley, Manager: Pat has been with NOCTI since 2006. She likes thunderstorms, NASA, reading, and beaches.

Hannah Archos, Product Development Coordinator: Hannah joined the NOCTI team in 2017. She likes music, coffee shops, weekend road trips, and non-fiction books.

Ronda Gilmore, Product Quality Coordinator: Ronda has been with NOCTI since 2006. She likes flower gardening, camping with her family, playing volleyball, and has a lifelong passion for horses.

Tina Koepf, Product Development Coordinator: Tina has been a consultant for NOCTI since 2006, and joined Nocti Business Solutions in 2012. She enjoys waterfalls, beaches, woods, books, and family.

Ann McCormick, Product Development Coordinator: Ann joined the NOCTI team in January 2016. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and collecting classic literature, cooking and baking.

Julie Vanhala, Product Development Coordinator: Julie joined the NOCTI team in 2007. She likes a loud marching band, a quiet reading corner, a full gas tank, and an empty Saturday.

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NOCTI’s Operations Division stands ready to fulfill your orders with fast and efficient expertise! The Operations team will generate your user codes, print your test booklets, pack and ship your orders, and provide technical assistance for our online systems when you need it.

Helen Bacon, Manager: Helen has been with NOCTI since 1999. Helen spoils her grandson, spends her summers camping with friends, and tries to improve her bowling average every week.

John Chadra, Operations Coordinator-Scoring: John joined the staff in 2009. He likes motor sports, hunting, golfing, the outdoors, and movies.

Cindy Jones, Operations Coordinator: Cindy has been with NOCTI since 1998. She enjoys reading, gardening, stamping, and being with her family.

Cindy Sanders, Shipping Coordinator: Cindy has been with NOCTI since 2001. Cindy enjoys cooking, canning, attending her kids' sporting activities, deer hunting, and ice fishing.

Ann Turner, Help Desk Specialist: Ann joined the NOCTI team in 2016. She is a farm girl at heart. She loves her milk goats and alpacas, but especially her 3 awesome dogs. When not working, she enjoys photography, kayaking, gardening, cross country skiing, and making homemade soaps.

Jackie Wernette, Operations Specialist: Jackie joined NOCTI in June 2017. She enjoys spending time with family and friends (generally that involves sports or camping), bowling, crafts/DIY projects and music.

Danielle Wilson, Operations Coordinator: Danielle joined NOCTI in 2013. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her husband, two young children, and dog. Danielle enjoys taking pictures, cooking, and anything to do with summer time!

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Nocti Business Solutions

Nocti Business Solutions (formerly The Whitener Group) has been in existence since 1999 serving the needs of our business and industry clients. Our goal is to help companies manage an assessment program that works for them, whether utilizing our standard assessments or facilitating the customization of an assessment. We understand that every company has their own culture; we strive to create solutions to fit each organization.

John Foster, President/CEO: John has been with NOCTI since 2005. He likes running, hiking, scuba diving, ice fishing, and trying local cuisine during his travels.

Anne Gielczyk, Manager: Anne has been with NOCTI since 2006. She enjoys listening to her kids laugh, 80s music, musical theater, and New York City.

Sherry Hayes, Executive/Board Coordinator: Sherry joined NOCTI in January 2013. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, reading, and football.

Kay Cole, Business & Industry Coordinator: Kay joined NBS in 2013. In her off time she enjoys laughing with family and friends, preferably outdoors in warm weather. (But would also like it noted that she can find joy in cold weather as well - mostly in the cute accessories such as boots and scarves...).

Stacey Jackson, Project Coordinator: Stacey joined Nocti Business Solutions in 2015 as a Project Coordinator. Stacey enjoys camping, boating and fishing with her family during the warmer months. She can be found hiding inside during the winter.

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