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Blueprints Pricing Teacher's Corner Webinars
500 N Bronson Ave
Big Rapids, MI 49307-9036

Administration & Finance  
John Foster, President/CEOjohn.foster@nocti.org
Amie Bloomfield, Executive Vice Presidentamie.bloomfield@nocti.org
Chris Carter, Finance Managerchris.carter@nocti.org
Ruth Foote, Administrative Assistantruth.foote@nocti.org
Sherry Hayes, Executive/Board Coordinatorsherry.hayes@nocti.org
Jackie Lenger, Graphic Designerjackie.lenger@nocti.org
Kimberly Newman, Administrative Assistantkimberly.newman@nocti.org
Cindy Saffell, Accounting Coordinatorcindy.saffell@nocti.org
Assessment Management  
Patricia Kelley, Division Manager patricia.kelley@nocti.org
Hannah Archos, Product Development Coordinator hannah.archos@nocti.org
Ronda Gilmore, Product Quality Coordinator ronda.gilmore@nocti.org
Tina Koepf, Product Development Coordinator tina.koepf@nocti.org
Ann McCormick, Product Development Coordinator ann.mccormick@nocti.org
Julie Vanhala, Product Development Coordinator julie.vanhala@nocti.org
Customer Care and Outreach  
Heidi Speese, Division Managerheidi.speese@nocti.org
Lisa Brauher, Outreach Coordinatorlisa.brauher@nocti.org
Ashley Campau, Customer Care Coordinatorashley.campau@nocti.org
Mandy McCall, Project Coordinatormandy.mccall@nocti.org
Tiffany Monahan, Project Specialisttiffany.monahan@nocti.org
Renea Shively, Project Specialistrenea.shively@nocti.org
Randi VanHemert, Project Coordinatorrandi.vanhemert@nocti.org
Nocti Business Solutions  
Anne Gielczyk, Nocti Business Solutions Manageranne.gielczyk@nocti.org
Kay Cole, Business & Industry Coordinator kay.cole@nocti.org
Stacey Jackson, Project Coordinator stacey.jackson@nocti.org
Helen Bacon, Division Managerhelen.bacon@nocti.org
John Chadra, Operations Coordinator john.chadra@nocti.org
Cindy Jones, Operations Coordinator cindy.jones@nocti.org
Cindy Sanders, Shipping Coordinatorcindy.sanders@nocti.org
Ann Turner, Help Desk Specialistann.turner@nocti.org
Jackie Wernette, Operations Specialist jackie.wernette@nocti.org
Danielle Wilson, Operations Coordinator danielle.wilson@nocti.org
Sean Davis, Division Manager sean.davis@nocti.org
Jenny Burson, Technology Specialist jenny.burson@nocti.org
Kent De Young, Programmer kent.deyoung@nocti.org
Sterling Heibeck, Programmer sterling.heibeck@nocti.org
Christina Hobbs, Programmer christina.hobbs@nocti.org
Ryan Hoxie, Systems Administrator ryan.hoxie@nocti.org
Jim Martin, Programmer jim.martin@nocti.org
Jill Nellis, Technology Specialist jill.nellis@nocti.org
Nick Olesak, Programmer nick.olesak@nocti.org
Keith VanHulle, Programmer keith.vanhulle@nocti.org
Krista Wilcox, Systems Administrator krista.wilcox@nocti.org

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