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Industry-driven standards are critically important to any technical field. Standards can be used to develop and/or align curriculum as well as to construct assessments to measure gains in technical competence. One important factor, however, is that a single organization should not use the standards to develop both curriculum and assessments. Doing so fuels the perception of improper collaboration between the curriculum and the objectivity of the final assessment. It also violates ISO, ANSI, and other ethical standards governing the agencies doing this work. To support this "checks-and-balance" system, NOCTI and Today's Class have collaborated on an initiative to visibly show alignments of their respective curriculum and assessments to national industry-driven standards in the following programs: Automotive, Cosmetology, and Health Science. An independent review of each organization's materials reveals that there is significant alignment between NOCTI assessments and Today's Class curriculum for the three identified programs.

To promote this collaboration, NOCTI has incorporated the Today's Class logo into its assessment materials for the following NOCTI Job Ready test titles: Automotive Technician-Core, Cosmetology, and Health Assisting. The alignment analysis suggests that by utilizing the Today's Class online curriculum, students may be able to enhance their scores on the respective NOCTI assessment. The Today's Class curriculum will include information about the NOCTI assessment aligned to the curriculum and recommend the assessment as a valuable tool for measuring student knowledge presented in the curriculum.

To learn more about Today's Class, click here.

To review the blueprints associated with these assessments, click here.

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