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An Early Idea
Based on this early idea, a grant titled “Occupational Competency Testing: Consortium of States Project,” from the U.S. Commissioner of Education through the Bureau of Research, was approved and awarded to Rutgers University in 1969.
As the grant progressed through various phases from 1969 to 1972, the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) was established as a permanent organization to serve the Consortium of States, including legal incorporation with a Constitution, By-laws and Operating Policies. An Executive Council was elected to lead NOCTI forward when the federally-funded grant project ended.
On the Move
In 1973, NOCTI offices were established at Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1975, NOCTI moved to Albany, New York. A move to Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, occurred in 1983. The current NOCTI National Headquarters was established in August 1995 at 500 N. Bronson Avenue in Big Rapids, Michigan.
NOCTI World Headquarters
National Attention
In 1966 at a conference to discuss the challenge of certifying non-degreed teachers in vocational education fields, it was determined by the representatives from 23 states that there should be a process to develop and implement occupational competency examinations on a national level. It was generally agreed that developing, printing, distributing, administering, and scoring of examinations imposed an impractical burden on limited state resources. State representatives also expressed that a third-party, nationally coordinated effort was needed to develop occupational competency examinations that were valid and reliable and provided the field testing, continuous revision, and comparative, qualitative data reporting that was needed.

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