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Architecture & Construction

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Architectural Drafting
Building Construction Occupations
Building Trades Maintenance
Construction Masonry-Block
Construction Masonry-Brick
Electrical Construction Technology
Electrical Occupations
Fundamentals of Construction
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning,
and Refrigeration

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HVACR-Installation and Start-Up
HVACR-Service and Repair
Industrial Electricity
Industrial Electronics
Industrial Maintenance Mechanics
Interior Decorating and Design
Mechanical Drafting and Design
Technical Drafting
Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician

Design and Pre-Construction
Maintenance Operations

Certificate & Partner Programs

Basic Principles of Construction (HBI)
Building Construction Technology-Basic (HBI)
Building Construction Technology-Advanced (HBI)
Carpentry-Basic (HBI)
Carpentry-Advanced (HBI)
Core Certification Assessment (HBI)
Green Core Certification Assessment (HBI)
House Wiring-Basic (HBI)
House Wiring-Advanced (HBI)
HVAC-Basic (HBI)
HVAC Service Tech-Advanced (HBI)
Plumbing-Basic (HBI)
Plumbing-Advanced (HBI)
Plumbing Year 1 (PHCC)
Plumbing Year 2 (PHCC)
Plumbing Year 3 (PHCC)
Plumbing Year 4 (PHCC)
Specialty: Building Construction Technology Certification Assessment (HBI)

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College Credit!
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